Tooth Extraction

  1. Gauze will be placed over the extraction sites following surgery.  Once you arrive at home, you may remove the gauze.  If you are still bleeding take 2-3 gauze pads, moisten with water, squeeze off the excess water, then place over the extraction site(s).  Bite down to apply pressure.  Keep the gauze in place for 30 minutes.  You may have to repeat these steps several times until the bleeding stops.
  2. Eat soft, cool foods for 24 hours.  Let hot food cool to room temperature before eating.  If possible, avoid chewing in area of the extraction.
  3. No smoking, drinking from straws, or expectorating (spitting out) for 3-5 days following surgery.
  4. You may brush your teeth, but be careful around the extraction site
  5. Take all prescribed medications as directed. Do not take antibiotics or pain medicines on an empty stomach, because this may cause nausea.`